(NEW YORK) — We’re coming down to the wire: Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette was the last before Hannah B. has to decide which of her suitors’ hometowns she’ll visit. Tensions also reached the boiling point, as Luke somehow survived yet another week.

Even though Hannah feels as if all the remaining bachelors are potential husbands, each now must really step up and show why he’s the one for her.

The first date is with Jed. The two spend the day kissing, touring Amsterdam, kissing, opening up to each other, and finally, more kissing. Afterward, Hannah gives him the rose and a chance to show her his Tennessee home and meet his family.

The next date with Tyler gets off to a rocky start, in more way than one. A horseback tour of The Hague, the the Netherlands, proves neither has any riding skills, and Tyler is even a little scared at first. And when they both taste herring for the first time, Hannah takes it like a trouper, while Tyler nearly throws up.

More importantly, Tyler is still reluctant to open up, which troubles Hannah. He redeems himself later with a heartbreaking story of how his father was on top of the world both romantically and financially, only to see his empire, as well as his marriage, fall apart after the stock market crashed. Watching his parents go through that has made Tyler fearful of relationships, but he tells Hannah he’s falling hard for her despite it.

Tyler’s honesty and openness earns him the second rose, and a hometown visit with Hannah.

Mike gets the last one-on-one date with Hannah, leaving Connor, Luke P. Garrett and Peter to settle for a group date.

Connor doesn’t take the news well, and sneaks off to talk privately with Hannah in her room. She’s blunt with him, telling Connor that he started off strong but has “faded” in recent weeks. He opens up about his feelings for her, telling her he’s falling in love. She appreciates his candor but unfortunately, it’s too little, too late, and she shows him the door.

The following day, Hannah is off to “bike with Mike” through the streets of Utrecht, before having a portrait of them painted by a professional artist.

Mike goes into the second part of their date confident he’ll get to bring Hannah home to meet his family and that she’s his future wife. His hopes are quickly dashed, though, as Hannah tearfully tells him that while he’s looking for that “fourth lady” in his life, it’s not her. Mike, who says he’s “crushed,” heads home.

Mike’s departure now leaves one extra rose for the participants of the group date. That, along with Connor’s exit, leaves Garrett and Peter feeling bad for him but better about their chances of sticking around. Luke, however, can’t help but gloat over having one less suitor standing between him and Hannah.

The men once again warn Luke to stay in his lane, and yet fully expecting him to attempt a “Hail Mary” to secure his place in the competition. That includes throwing any or all of them under the bus. All things considered, though, Jed, Tyler, Garrett and Peter feel certain the “good guys” will finally win this time.

As expected, Luke wastes no time trash-talking Peter and Garrett, while insisting that it’s only made his love for Hannah even stronger.

When Garrett gets his turn, Hannah tells him what Luke said and wants to hear his side of the story. Garrett does, and holds nothing back.

Next, the gloves are off as Garrett Luke get in each other’s faces, with Garrett calling Luke “a weasel,” and Luke responding with “You disgust me.”

The group date rose goes to Peter, whom Hannah says “always makes her feel special” and “important” and for whom “the distractions don’t matter.”

Now it’s down to Garrett and Luke, each absolutely confident the rose is his.

In a second conversation with Hannah, Luke finally gives her what she’s wanted from him all along: He pours his heart out about his past life as a boozer and a womanizer — that is, until a spiritual awakening, he says, put him back on the straight and narrow.

Garrett one-ups Luke by telling Hannah he loves her. She’s genuinely impressed with the gesture, and when the conversation’s over, he believes the rose is a lock.

Unfortunately the heart wants what it wants, and Hannah awards the rose to Luke.

After Hannah escorts a “shell-shocked” Garrett to the waiting limousine, Luke lets out a sinister laugh. Meanwhile, the other men can’t hide their “shock” and disgust as Garrett’s suitcase is wheeled away.  Even worse, they’re slowly facing the reality that Hannah may end up with Luke.

Here are the four remaining men:

Jed, 25, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TNLuke P., 24, an import/export manager from Gainesville, GAPeter, 27, a pilot from Westlake Village, CATyler C., 26, a general contractor from Jupiter, FL

The Bachelorette returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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