(SALT LAKE CITY) — Authorities provided few details, but said they had served a search warrant on a home in Salt Lake City late Wednesday as they continue to search for a missing University of Utah student.Mackenzie Lueck, 23, was last seen on June 17 when she left Salt Lake City International Airport just after 2 a.m., got into a Lyft and was dropped off near Hatch Park at about 2:40 a.m., according to authorities. The Lyft driver said Lueck met someone at the park, and got into their vehicle, but did not appear to be in any distress. Police were not able to discern a make or model of the other vehicle from grainy surveillance footage.Salt Lake City Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt confirmed Wednesday night that police had served a search warrant on a Salt Lake City home that has a possible nexus to the Lueck case.Doubt was not forthcoming with details at a brief press conference outside the home, but said they were treating this with “a high level of caution” and they’re continuing to solicit tips on their tip line.He said he expects police to be at the home throughout the night and would be interviewing the unnamed individual, or individuals, at the home.The home, in Salt Lake City’s Rose Park neighborhood, is just east of the airport and about 6 miles south of Hatch Park, Lueck’s last known location.Doubt said another press conference would be held in the morning to further discuss the search.Police released photos Tuesday of Lueck at the airport — the last known pictures of the student.Lueck had gone home to Southern California for her grandmother’s funeral before flying back on June 17. Friends said it was unusual for her not to return directly home from the airport.”I feel very concerned and very worried,” her friend Kennedy Stoner told ABC News’ Good Morning America earlier this week. “It’s out of character for Kenzie to go just off the grid like this. She is very close with her family.”Lueck missed a final exam and was not on her flight to return home for the summer break on June 23.

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