(CAMDEN, N.J.) — A 27-year-old woman is in custody in New Jersey after she allegedly stabbed her identical twin to death, prosecutors said.Amanda Ramirez was charged with first-degree aggravated manslaughter in the slaying of Anna Ramirez, who was found lying on the ground, stabbed in the chest, outside the Centennial Village apartment complex in Camden, according to a criminal complaint.Responding officers Saturday morning found Amanda Ramirez, who appeared to have blood on her clothing, outside her Centennial Village home, according to the probable cause statement.Officers also spotted several bloody footprints leading from the victim’s body to the doorstep of Centennial Village, according to the probable cause statement.Investigating detectives concluded that Amanda Ramirez’s story was evolving over time.She allegedly first told officers she had picked up a “disheveled” Anna Ramirez, and when they got home, her sister collapsed and was bleeding.Amanda Ramirez allegedly admitted to officers that she got in an argument with her sister.Amanda Ramirez then allegedly told detectives that she, her sister and a friend were hanging out and drinking at her cousin’s home in Camden late Friday night and early Saturday morning when Anna Ramirez left in a taxi to go to Centennial Village, the documents said.Amanda Ramirez said about 45 minutes later, she and her friend drove to Centennial Village and found her sister sitting on the porch of the home appearing ill, the documents said.Amanda Ramirez allegedly claimed her twin said she was going to get a cigarette, and when Anna Ramirez stood up and started walking, she collapsed to the ground, according to the probable cause statement.”Amanda Ramirez made no mention of the argument with her sister that she had previously brought up when speaking with officers,” the probable cause statement asserts. “Amanda Ramirez claimed that she noticed her sister was bleeding from her chest and she asked the friend to call 911.”Detectives noticed fresh scratches on Amanda Ramirez’s face and head, dried blood in her left ear and lacerations on a finger, according to the probable cause statement. She told detectives she got those injures in a fight about one week earlier, documents said.In what is alleged to be her third account of events, Amanda Ramirez admitted that she, her sister and the friend went together from the cousin’s apartment to her apartment early Saturday morning, according to the probable cause statement.They were outside the apartment, she said, when Anna Ramirez started a fight, hitting her in the face, the document said. Amanda Ramirez claimed she and her twin “exchanged multiple blows” before Amanda Ramirez ended up on her knees, the document said.She said Anna Ramirez went into the home and came back with a knife; Amanda Ramirez claimed she fought her twin for control of the knife and “ultimately stabbed her sister in the chest,” according to the probable cause statement.Amanda Ramirez was taken to the Camden County Correctional Facility, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. She has a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday, prosecutors said. Attorney information wasn’t immediately available.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.