(NEW YORK) — If you need a 7-Eleven fix but don’t have access to one of the convenience stores, they just got a lot more convenient: 7-Eleven will bring their store to you. Specifically, the store will deliver Slurpees or most everything else they sell right to you thanks to their app, 7NOW, and a series of 2,000 nationwide hot spots called 7NOW Pins.The pins let 7-Eleven deliver right to you, wherever you may be — whether it’s catching rays at the beach, or just hanging around at the park. “Sometimes things can get inconvenient away from home,” said Raghu Mahadevan, 7-Eleven vice president of delivery, in a statement announcing the delivery idea. “It could be running out of ice and charcoal at a picnic or a hungry Little League team demanding pizza and Slurpee drinks after a big game.”He added, “7NOW makes ordering and getting delivery in about 30 minutes a reality for customers whether they’re at a park, a ballfield, arena, venue, and of course, at home.”7NOW serves nearly 30 major metropolitan areas, from Austin, Texas to Washington D.C., and more than 23 million households.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.