(MIAMI) — When director Peter Ramsey thinks back to his Oscar win earlier this year for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he says he’s still amazed that he managed to score the prestigious award.

“I have to say… it was so unexpected and the timing of it was so strange, because we were working really hard for three years and we turned over the movie so late, that the attention started hitting us like almost immediately,” Ramsey tells ABC Radio. “So, I think me and the rest of our team — we’re all kind of standing there going, ‘What just happened?"”

Though the win made Ramsey the first black person to receive an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, he gives equal credit to his Spider-Verse co-directors Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman. LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller produced Spider-Verse, and also shared the gold on Oscar night.

“I imagine it’s kind of like when you when you win a Super Bowl and you’re on the team and you get a ring,” Ramsey says. “And it’s like recognition of what the team did. So, I kind of feel that way about it.”

Although Ramsey says he’s “really proud” of his contribution to the film, he feels there’s no way he can “claim the whole thing.”

“I’m very lucky that…its success is kind of washing over me a little bit,” he adds. “So I’m just trying to stay under that little shower head.”

Meanwhile, Ramsey took a little break from his busy schedule this past weekend to attend the American Black Film Festival in Miami.

“It’s great to just kind of like come out and talk to people,” he says, explaining that he’s interacted with other black creatives. “Be able to just share creative ideas [and] get a sense of community. 

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