(NEW YORK) — Athletic apparel company Lululemon has officially stepped into the world of beauty with a fresh new line.On Tuesday, the brand announced the launch of the new Selfcare line of products that will be sold their website, in 50 stores and in studio partners throughout North America. It also will be available online at Sephora.The new category includes dry shampoo, deodorant, face moisturizer and a lip balm selling between $14 and $28.”Lululemon has always been in the work of creating solutions for sweaty problems and our Selfcare line is an extension of that approach,” the company’s chief product officer Sun Choe said in a statement.”Like our apparel, Lululemon Selfcare has been designed with function at its core and created to support guests pre and postworkout,” she continued.The Selfcare Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer has a Tri-Active formula made up of key ingredients such as algae and menthyl to clean and calm the skin, according to the company.Another standout is the Anti-Stink Deodorant Aloe Lotus which doesn’t stop your body from naturally sweating, but does keep it from carrying an unpleasant odor, according to the company.Standout ingredients from the deodorant include pre-biotics to reduce the growth of bacteria as well as restrict odor-forming bacteria, zinc which is a natural odor absorber, and coconut oil to condition the skin.

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