(LOS ANGELES) — As previously reported, James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy! loss ended up being a big win for for the long-running game show. But now that all the numbers are finally crunched, Vulture reports the professional gambler-turned quiz show champ’s final episode was watched by 14.5 million people — the show’s largest same-day audience since November 30, 2004, when reigning money champ Ken Jennings drew 18 million viewers.

To compare it to other shows, Holzhauer’s losing episode ranks as the third most-watched regularly scheduled series episode of the 2018-19 season, behind the series finale of The Big Bang Theory and a December episode of 60 Minutes, which drew 18.5 million and 14.6 million viewers, respectively.

Holzhauer earned earned more than $2.4 million during 33-day run, passing that $2 million high water mark in record time.

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