(LOS ANGELES) — After today, she no longer has to be a reluctant superhero — the third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones debuts on Netflix.

Krysten Ritter, who plays the titular character, tells ABC Radio that she and the show’s creator, Melissa Rosenberg, are confident fans will be satisfied with the ending.

“I’m satisfied with it and I think we both are and that was really important to both of us,” says Ritter. “You know, we’ve spent so much time with Jessica I’ve spent so much time playing cards almost five years. We really just wanted to like feel like it was a good leaving her in a place that really felt good.”

In this TV landscape, shows once thought to have run their course seem to be making a comeback, and with Disney, which owns Marvel, launching a new streaming service later this year, Ritter isn’t ruling out a return for her character.

“I love Jessica. So sure I think that where we leave her is really satisfying…But you never know the TV landscape is so crazy these days,” she says.

And if that should ever happen, Rosenberg is up for it as well.

“I’m always I mean I love writing this character I love writing for Krysten, says Rosenberg. “I know of course. Any chance I got to write for her again would be great.”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones season three is available to stream Friday on Netflix.

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