(NEW YORK) — When Matt and Nick Jacobi-Caprio became engaged, they knew there were a couple of little girls who would be over-the-moon excited for them.It was their Barbie-loving nieces. Matt Jacobi-Caprio went on the hunt for a wedding-themed Barbie toy. He found one, but there was one issue: It featured a bride and groom, not two grooms to represent the couple.”We created our own gay wedding set,” he told ABC News’ Good Morning America at the end of 2018 when GMA first interviewed the couple.Mattel took notice, and the couple met with the toy company in January.”Nick and I went into that meeting with grateful hearts and a full on presentation,” Matt Jacobi-Caprio told GMA.While the couple can’t disclose what exactly is in the works with the toy giant, they do promise big news is on the way.”I can tell you that we were welcomed into the Barbie family with open arms,” he said.Since their story went viral and they met with Mattel, the couple got married: they were the first gay couple to wed at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.”It was the best day of our lives and the best way to kick off Pride Month,” Jacobi-Caprio said.It also lit a fire in them.”We have a great sense of purpose, and will continue to spread the word that love is love. Our viral news also gave us a big reminder of how much hate and judgement is still out there, too. However, we made a pact early on to not read those comments. We are on a mission and will continue to be leaders of love,” he said.

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