(LOS ANGELES) — In the cover story in July’s Vogue, Margot Robbie details her acting, her activism, and the term she can’t stand: “bombshell.”

“I hate that word. I hate it — so much,” the Oscar-nominated actress tells the fashion magazine. “I feel like a brat saying that because there are worse things, but I’m not a bombshell. I’m not someone who walks in a room and the record stops and people turn like, ‘Look at that woman.’ That doesn’t happen.”

Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman calls Robbie a “powerhouse,” and that might be more apt, since the actress, who will be seen in July in Quentin Tarantino’s anticipated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has jumped into the producing game with both feet.

Via her company, Luckychap, Robbie is starring in and producing Birds of Prey, which puts her Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn into a female-focused superhero flick. There are females behind the camera, too: The movie is written by Christina Hodson, and directed by relative newcomer Cathy Yan.

“I’m so grateful to be in a position of power and to have more creative control when that is embraced and encouraged now,” says Robbie.  However, she admits having that control as a producer and an actress means she’s got her hands full

“It would be easier — and so much more unfulfilling — not to have a production company,” she tells Vogue. To not hire first- and second-time female directors, and stake millions of other people’s money, and put my name to it and everything I’ve worked for.”

But, she notes, “I’ve made the choice to do it, and I don’t regret it.”

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