(NEW YORK) — Wanda Sykes says she can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that her fifth stand up special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal, is available on Netflix.  Sykes tells ABC Radio that her hour-long project was definitely a labor of love.

“You worked on something for so many years…. I was out touring with the material,” Sykes reveals. “You tweak it, you get it to where it’s like, ‘OK. Now I’m ready for everybody to see this."”

She continues, “I’ve never physically given birth. But that’s what I could imagine. It’s that relief of, ‘Ok. Oh Wow. Now it’s out and everybody can see it.’ [I’m] just really so thrilled about it.”

Although Sykes says she feels somewhat liberated now that the masses can finally see her hard work, the actress-comedian says the excitement over her project is also a bit bittersweet.

“This part of me is like, ‘Oh man this is so cool,” she says. “But it’s also part of me is like, ‘Oh now where do I go?’ You know, like, to where I can just sit at a cafe on a corner and just people-watch and enjoy enjoy myself. So, it’s like mixed emotions.”

“And I’m, like, thrilled that it’s getting such large exposure. But also, this is new territory for me,” she says of her first Netflix special. “So… I’m a little excited about how that’s going to change. How all that’s going to change.”

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal is now available on Netflix.

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