Brockway, PA – School taxes will see a slight increase over the next year as the Brockway Area School Board felt it had no choice but to raise taxes to meet a budget shortfall.

While the per capita taxes remained the same as 2018-2019, the occupational assessment tax rate will go up to $100.  In addition, the real estate taxes will increase slightly, meaning that a house assessed at $50,000 will be assessed at an additional $57.  Dr. James Brown voted no to all tax increases.

School Board President Katie Bish said that the increases were necessary due to not receiving sufficient funds from the state.

Along with the taxes, the school board approved the hiring of five new elementary school teachers to replace retiring educators.  Deborah Snyder, Hunter Lydick, Alec Shaffer-Doan, Linsey Zimmerman, and Anthony Benson will join the district at the beginning of the new school year.  Holly Cramer will join the staff as a full-time custodian.  The board accepted Michael Wonderling’s resignation.

The next board meeting will be June 25 at 7 p.m., where the board is expected to pass its $15 million budget for the upcoming school year.