(NEW YORK) — If you’ve ever wondered what a kid with Down syndrome thinks about it, Ellie Ochalek has your answer.Turns out, she thinks it’s a pretty good thing, if you consider the words “powerful,” “loving,” “kind” and ” grateful” — all positive personality traits. In a video shared with ABC News’ Good Morning America, the 7-year old’s mom, Lauren Ochalek, asks her what makes her extra special. To which she responds “powerful,” “extra kind” and “gratitude.”Ochalek said she talks with Ellie about Down syndrome frequently.”While our lives do not revolve around Down syndrome in the least, we often talk about Down syndrome so that Ellie is familiar.” she said. “We embrace the fact that she is more like her typical peers than not, but we also want her to be familiar with Down syndrome and what that means for her as a unique individual. We love watching her come into her own as a confident self-advocate.”Sometimes Ellie tells her mom that she, Lauren, also has Down syndrome.”She does often debate that I too have an extra chromosome,” her mom chuckled.”We have also talked a lot about her extra chromosome meaning that she may have to work extra hard to achieve things, however, she also understands that she is bright, talented, and no less capable than anyone else, and that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to,” she said.”Thus far, she has always proven us right in that regard. She is confident, competent, and blows outdated stereotypes about Down syndrome out of the water,” she added.In addition to being kind, loving and grateful, Ellie said that an extra chromosome gives her the “power to run.”Ochalek called her daughter a “devoted daughter, sister, and friend.””She is a dancer, a swimmer, a bookworm, a spelling bee whiz, and a Girl Scout. She is also a talented student who could not be more excited to start second grade in the fall,” she said.

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