Brockway, PA – The Brockway School Board approved more retirements and set up a deal for new phones during the first of its two May meetings.

The board accepted the resignations of Industrial Arts Teacher John Barrow, Elementary Teacher Sarah Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher Sue Alderton, and Custodian Karen Smith.  Barrow has been with the district 34 years, Alderton has been there 26 years, Mitchell has put in 16, and Smith has done 15.  Superintendent Jeff Vizza said all of them will be missed and thanked them for their service to the district.

The board approved a deal with CCL Technologies to get new phones and a five-year maintenance agreement.  The cost of the agreement is $55,000.

The board also had a chance to see some of the displays made by 6th Grade Teacher Laura Starr’s students.  The students researched Brockway history at Taylor Memorial Museum and had a program at the school.  The displays impressed Boardmember Jacqueline Manno, who praised the way Starr helped students find a connection to Brockway.

The school board also approved the list of graduates for the ceremony on May 31.  The board will meet before that, May 28, to approve the budget for the upcoming school year.