(PRAGUE) — On his Instagram, Whiskey Cavalier co-star and co-producer Scott Foley broke the bad news to his followers: ABC has cancelled his romantic spy show.

Shot in Prague, as was the “RIP” Insta message, the show centered on the relationship between a pair of spies: Foley and his co-star, The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan.

In the clip, the Scandal veteran told his fans, “It was a tough call for the network. Ultimately, they decided to not go with us.”

Foley’s co-star and real-life wife Marika Domi?czyk [duh-MEAN-chick], her face stained with tears, managed a sarcastic, “Happy Mother’s Day,” before adding, “Sorry, I’m so sad.”

The heavily-hyped but ratings-challenged series had scored a following since its launch February 24. Fans sounded off online after the cancellation announcement, with many berating the network for axing the show just as the chemistry between Foley’s and Cohan’s characters had started to gel.

But as Deadline notes, it may not be goodbye: The show’s producers are reportedly shopping it around to different networks and streaming services.

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