Pennsylvania – We love our moms, especially around Mother’s Day, but here’s something your momma might not have ever taught you… how to talk about money.

“Ladies who lunch are not talking about wills, trusts, and savings plans. Women in college are not being taught how to secure their financial future. And the biggest thing that they are not being taught… is how to ask for more.”

Natalie Elisha Gold is an estate attorney and author of the book Money Momma encouraging women to take control of their finances.

“The way that we wake up every morning and brush our teeth and take a shower, we need to also be doing the same thing with our finances.”

She says it’s never too early to start.

Start talking with kids while they’re young about what money is, how to budget, and how to save.

If you want to take control of your finances but are still unsure, consult a professional financial advisor. If you’re shy about talking about finances outright, find a buddy (in person or online) with whom you can share advice about budgeting or asking for a raise.

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