(NEW YORK) — (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones left viewers with a lot of questions, such as: Did they really have to do that to Missandei? Is Jaime going to fight for Cersei or against her? And — wait — was that a Starbucks cup in front of Daenerys?

The first part of the episode showed everyone at Winterfell celebrating their — well, technically Arya’s — victory over the Night King with lots of drinking, carousing and canoodling.That sequence also underscored the growing tension between Daenerys and Jon Snow, now that they both know Jon’s true lineage. One scene shows Jon being praised by his comrades as Daenerys watches in the background. And that’s where fans believe a Starbucks cup was inadvertently left in a shot, sitting to the side of actress Emilia Clarke.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to ask if others had seen what they saw.

“They really took 2 years to make 6 episodes and left a Starbucks cup in a scene,” one fan wrote. While another added, “the ‘greatest tv drama in the world’ has a Starbucks’ cup in a frame I’m dying.”

“I’m gonna guess the Starbucks cup was a Giant’s Milk Latte with extra foam and no way they spell Daenerys right,” another fan joked.

Someone else tweeted a photo of a scowling Daenerys and wrote, “when you want to be ruler of the seven kingdoms but all anyone wants to talk about is the Starbucks cup you left on the table.”

Others were quick to point out that while the image does appear to be a to-go cup, it may not be Starbucks brand.

One tweeted, “The funny thing is it’s not even a Starbucks cup, it’s just the unbranded coffee cups they have on set.”

Either way, oops.

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