(NEW YORK) — Safe Spaces — a family dramedy starring Justin Long, Fran Drescher and Richard Schiff — made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last week.

In the film, Long plays Josh, a New York City college professor facing accusations of controversial behavior in the classroom, while dealing with his dysfunctional but tight-knit family. Drescher and Schiff play the divorced parents of Josh and his adult siblings.

Long told ABC Radio it was easy playing Drescher and Schiff’s son.

“The both of them, I felt an almost immediate closeness, just ’cause I liked them so much as people and they’re so easy to be around,” he said.

Then, addressing his two co-stars, he added, “It would have been a struggle I think if you guys had been kind of guarded and difficult.”

Schiff agreed, and said Drescher immediately put them all at ease.

“Fran has this way of [making you feel] like you’ve known her all your life, partly because you’ve seen her all your life,” he said of The Nanny star. “But she just has a way of being extraordinarily boundary-breaking immediately.”

As for what excited her about the role, Drescher joked, “Well I guess I was just dying to play a grandma! Never did that before! I thought, ‘Oh, wow, what an opportunity here.”

“A GILF,” Long clarified. 

The 18th annual Tribeca Film Festival came to a close this weekend.

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