Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township Police were busy recently responding to a number of scams, including one that involved a woman sending $3,500 for a psychic reading.


May 1, 2019

A resident reported that she had answered an ad in the paper for a psychic reading, and sent the woman a total of $3,500 for services she never received.  The ad was determined to be a scam.  Sandy Township Police Department would like to remind residents to never send money to anyone that you cannot verify to be legitimate.

Officers received a report of a vehicle driving erratically on Bee Line Highway.  Upon pulling the vehicle over officers found the 40-year-old Penfield woman to in possession of pills and drug paraphernalia.


May 2, 2019

A 39-year-old Luthersburg man reported that while he was stopped on Shaffer Road at the intersection of Bee Line Highway a maroon Chevy S-10 rear ended him, then turned right on Bee Line Highway and headed north, without stopping.  No injuries and minor damage reported.

A resident reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be from a jail in Canada and they had her nephew in custody.  They said they needed $1,000 in pre-paid Visa cards in order for him to be released.  She complied with their request before she realized it was a scam.  Officers would like to remind you that no law enforcement agency will call requesting money for the release of a loved one.  Even if it sounds legitimate it is a scam, and you should simply hang up on them.

Officers received a report of loud music coming from a residence on Dixon Ave.  Officers were unable to locate the source of the music.