(TAMPA, Fla.) — A tattoo shop just made one little girl’s day after they gave her some adorable “ink” to look just like her dad.Trinity D’Autorio, 3, received her temporary tattoos at Ink Wolves tattoo shop in Tampa, Florida. Her mom, Skyla D’Autorio, thought it would be a fun way to take her daughter’s mind off of her battle with cancer.”People have this misconception of tattoo artists being these big, bad people, but to see them welcome a toddler and just love on her is amazing,” D’Autorio told Good Morning America. “It really does do your heart good because, as a mom, you want to take pain away from your kids.”Trinity was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in her neck in the summer of 2018. She also has Horner’s syndrome and Harlequin syndrome.Trinity has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy, surgeries, blood transfusions and bone marrow biopsies, according to her mother.D’Autorio said she often looks for fun activities for Trinity and the family that will lift their spirits. D’Autorio got the idea to get Trinity temporary tattoos since the little girl is such a fan of her father Lou’s tattoos.”I don’t know what her fascination is with them, but she’ll sit there and kind of trace them with her finger,” D’Autorio said. “Lou has one that’s a dragon that breathes fire, and Trinity will sit there and pretend to breathe fire back at it.””Trinity has a speech delay — so it’s kind of in her own little words — but she loves them,” she said.D’Autorio reached out to Ink Wolves on Facebook, and heard back that they would be happy to open their doors for Trinity. “They designed the stencils and filled them in by hand with tattoo markers that lasted about six days,” D’Autorio said. “It was nonstop Disney music. It ended up being a really awesome day, and kind of like a second family.”Trinity’s temporary tattoos include Winnie the Pooh, the Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, a cancer ribbon and more.The Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ABC News.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.