New York City, NY – What would it be like if you were never able to see the stars on a clear night or rarely got to feel the grass between your toes? For some kids living in cities, that’s a reality.

Fresh Air Fund has been spending the past 142 summers bringing New York City children together with volunteer host families in Pennsylvania.

Over the years, thousands of people in Pennsylvania have brought NYC boys and girls to their homes for a couple of weeks during the summer to experience small-town life.

Natalie Edwards, a host mother from Bellefonte, says she’s been hosting Jessica, a young girl from the Bronx, over the past 7 summers.

Listen to the full 17-minute interview with Natalie about her experiences with Fresh Air, some of her favorite memories, and advice for families who are thinking about hosting.

Fresh Air Fund is still looking for new host families who are ready to bring a child into their home for a week or two this summer.

First time Fresh Air children are boys and girls, from seven to 12 years old, who live in New York City, but many host families end up inviting the children back year after year, creating lifelong friendships.

If you’re interested in hosting a Fresh Air Child, visit and spend your summer a little differently this year.

Photos from Natalie Edwards and her family with Jessica, their Fresh Air Kid over the past several years. How amazing that they’ve been able to be part of each other’s lives!

Fresh Air Fund Bellefonte Family (1)

Fresh Air Fund Bellefonte Family (2)