DuBois, PA – Once again, DuBois will eventually be getting some upgrades to its streets.

Although details are still limited at this time, plans are being made to update and renovate the Maple Avenue area of the city.

The project would be very similar to the Main Street project in 2018. It would include street lighting, repaving, sidewalk renovations, and possible work on the sewer lines if necessary.

The Maple Avenue project has not started. It would be an ongoing, multi-stage renovation that could start late 2019 and last for the next couple of year.

Listen as DuBois City council member Eddie Walsh talks about the importance of state and federal grants, how those grants have been used in the past, and the council’s hopes for the Maple Avenue project.

Although part of the money for these projects does come from city funds and private donors, much of the money comes from federal and state grants.