Brockway, PA – Foreign exchange students who have been spending a month in Brockway will be heading back home to Germany soon.

It’s part of what is called the GAPP (German American Partnership Program) program, which was started in 2011 in Brockway.

Students from Hann. Munden, Germany can come to America for a month in spring, and our local students have the option of going there in summer.

Click Here to see the news story from when our Brockway students traveled to Germany! Lots of photos, videos, and interviews.

German teacher Eric Stawecki says most of the German students are just excited to see how Americans live everyday. They are usually surprised at the larger meal portions. Most students also want to visit places like New York City and Washington D.C. because they’ve heard about them on the news and seen them on TV and movies.

Listen to the full interview with Johanna Schmidt, Max Renn, Hannah Flentje, and Marike Schutz.

German teacher Eric Stawecki started the GAPP Program at Brockway in 2011. Some Brockway students will be headed to Germany this summer, and we’ll be checking back in with them then.

Listen to the interview with the German teacher from Brockway, Eric Stawecki.

German exchange students 2019

Teachers from Germany:  Andrea Holtzberg and Sven Olrich

Students from Germany:  Hannah Flentje, Emma Goltz, Leonie Gottwald, Jannis Lenard Haun, Nicholas Herfter, Belma Kozica, Parastou Navabi, Erik Negenborn, Johanna Phlippen, Max Renn, Marianna Schildein, Johanna Schmidt, Stafanie Schmidt, Lea Schütz, and Ellen Stack.

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