Harrisburg, PA – A state legislator says this winter’s heavy snowfall and transportation bans hurt the dairy industry.

Rep. Martin Causer, a Republican serving McKean, Potter, and Cameron Counties, sponsored a bill that would protect dairy farmers and milk haulers from the economic damage inflicted during times when they can’t be on the roadways.

“I think we all understand the need to be proactive when dealing with extreme weather conditions and the public safety consequences,” Causer said. “However, we need to also consider the consequences of issuing travel bans prematurely or in what most would consider to be typical winter weather conditions. It was helpful to hear from state officials about the process they go through in making such decisions.”

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Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers were temporarily banned from the PA turnpike and parts of Interstate 80 at least three times this winter due to the weather.

Causer says he would like to see milk delivery vehicles to be exempt from these types of bans because milk is a perishable product. However, opponents say that the ban is meant for everyone’s safety.

The House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved the bill, but it would still have to go to the Senate before it could become a law.