(NEW YORK) — Two-and-a-half-year-old Dax Whittaker takes after his favorite professional golfer and recent Masters champion, Tiger Woods, who also started the sport at a young age. The tiny tot has a natural swing that has been viewed on social media thousands of times.His parents Brooke and Dane brought the pint sized prodigy from Utah to ABC News’ Good Morning America studio to show off his skills and share some details about how their little boy got started. “He honestly started walking and we gave him a club,” his mom said. “He just keeps getting better,” she added as Dax sank a four-foot putt with cheers from the audience.”Right from the second he held the club he had a good swing. Brooke played college golf so she must have passed her abilities to him,” his dad Dane said. She continued, “we let him watch videos, Tiger Woods videos and highlights, and he just picked it up.” His parents said they bought him a set of beginner practice clubs after he saw his first Tiger Woods highlights at 15-months-old and “became obsessed.” Dax now has something in common with the 43-year-old five-time Masters champ — they both appeared on national television at the same young age. Woods made his TV debut on The Mike Douglas Show in 1978.Not only did the little boy show off his short game, but he took a big practice swing with his driver that also wowed the audience and anchors. But, it’s actually Dax’s seven iron that his parents said is his favorite club. “I think he’s going to be amazing whatever he does. The fact that he can pick this up and go with it, is amazing to me,” his mom said proudly.While golf seems to be a hole-in-one, his dad said there are other sports in his skill set. “It’s seasonal,” the dad said, “once basketball’s in season [he’s into that.]

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