(MANDAN, N.D.) — A man has been arrested in connection to a quadruple murder inside a North Dakota workplace, police said.Chad Isaak, 44, from Washburn, North Dakota, is being held on four counts of AA felony murder, Mandan Police said at a news conference late Thursday. He is being held at the McClean County Jail.The victims — an owner and three employees — were found dead Monday morning at RJR Maintenance & Management, a property management company in Mandan, said Mandan police.While the causes of death have not been released, the victims were all shot or stabbed, police said.Isaak’s car was identified at the scene of the shooting by surveillance cameras, officials said. Investigators later located the vehicle in Washburn.The suspect was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday, police said.Evidence in the vehicle gave investigators enough probable cause to make an arrest, according to Police Chief Jason Ziegler.The location where the suspect lived was a mobile home park managed by RJR, but police are not sure if that is part of the motive, Ziegler said.Among the victims in the shooting was employee Lois Cobb, 45. Cobb’s husband, employee William Cobb, 50, was also among the dead.The other victims were owner Robert Fakler, 52, and employee Adam Fuehrer, 42, said police.Authorities do not believe the public is in danger – Ziegler said the crime “was very specific to the victims that were involved.””I don’t think any community across this great country could ever imagine something like this happen in their backyard,” the chief added, calling the crime “devastating” for the community.The chief called RJR Maintenance & Management a “reputable company in our area.”There were security cameras inside the building but the chief did not say if the crime was on video.

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