(NEW YORK) — Shawn Johnson just announced some exciting news.The former Olympic gymnast, 27, is pregnant with her first child with husband Andrew East. The news comes after Johnson shared an emotional video in which she revealed she suffered a miscarriage in October 2017.Johnson shared the pregnancy announcement on her Instagram page on Thursday, writing, “Baby East… we cannot WAIT to welcome you to the world and shower you with love. @andrewdeast WE DID IT!”Her husband shared a video of the couple holding tiny baby sneakers.

The duo also posted a full YouTube video expressing their excitement with the news and including footage of Johnson telling her husband about the pregnancy — and their thrilled reactions.

“This baby has been a long time coming,” East reflects in the video.The couple, who share videos of their daily life often on social media, have been very open about their desire to have a child.”Last time I was just terrified, and now I’m just excited, cautiously, and I’m proud of you, honestly,” East says to Johnson in the video. “It’s been cool how you shared the story of the miscarriage and inspired millions or spoke to millions and that message really resonated with a lot of people.”Johnson shares how she struggled with the idea of trying to conceive after the miscarriage. “I’ve never really voiced any hesitation with trying again, but yeah, I’m absolutely terrified,” she admits.”I can naturally feel that my heart is guarding itself because I don’t want to go through that again,” she says of the miscarriage.”I was so new and naive to the whole situation that it was just raw emotion,” she continues. “I wasn’t holding myself or guarding myself at all from the what-ifs. I was just all in, which I’m obviously all in now. But I hope I’m able to let that guard down a little bit.”

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