Brookville, PA – Two students at the Brookville High School were reportedly caught planning a school shooting.

Police say they got a tip on March 29 that the two boys were talking about and planning to execute a school shooting. Officers investigated and found that the boys had detailed plans and talked about what they planned to do to their peers.

Both juveniles have been charged with terroristic threats, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

They were first taken into custody by Brookville Police and later turned over to Jefferson County Juvenile Probation. Both boys are currently in a juvenile detention center.


Just yesterday, the DuBois Area School District sent out of a message that someone made a threat against the DuBois Middle School. In the DuBois case, police investigated and found that no students or staff were ever in danger.

Janice Bart, the police officer in charge of the DuBois Area School District, gave an interview shortly after the Parkland shooting in February 2018. Many of the issues she talks about in that interview are still relevant today.

Officer Bart encourages students to tell an adult if they feel if something isn’t right. She also says the students need to look after each other and check in their fellow students to make sure no one is feeling unsafe or bullied.