(NEW YORK) — With taxes due this month, perhaps it’s no surprise that April is also Stress Awareness Month. With that in mind, the personal-finance website WalletHub has produced a report on which states are the most stressful to live in, and which ones are the most chill.Using metrics like the number of hours worked, job security, divorce rates, and how much sleep residents get, the site’s survey ranked each state, and determined that Louisiana is the most stressful state in the United States, while Minnesota is the least.Surprisingly, the state of New York didn’t make the top 10, despite the fact that it contains the City that Never Sleeps.Here are the top 10 most and least stressful states, according to Wallethub, as well as some other state stats:Top 10 Most Stressful states for 2019: 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Arkansas 4. Kentucky 5. West Virginia 6. New Mexico 7. Alabama 8. Nevada 9. Alaska10. OklahomaThe 10 Least Stressful states for 2019:40. Kansas41. Montana42. Hawaii43. Wisconsin44. New Hampshire45. Iowa47. North Dakota48. Massachusetts49. Utah50. MinnesotaMost Hours Worked:1. Alaska2. North Dakota3. Wyoming4. Texas5. LouisianaFewest Hours Worked:1. California2. Vermont3. Massachusetts4. Oregon5. Rhode Island6. UtahFewest Hours of Sleep:1. Hawaii2. West Virginia3. Kentucky4. Ohio5. PennsylvaniaMost Hours of Sleep1. North Dakota2. Iowa3. Montana4. Colorado5. South DakotaCopyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.