Pennsylvania – Thinking of trading up to a new phone or laptop? Make sure you wipe your old device before selling it, throwing it out, or recycling it.

The research group Rapid 7 bought more than 80 devices at some second-hand tech stores and found the vast majority of times, the previous owner’s info is still on there.

Most devices had emails still stored, which would have allowed a scam artist to access many other accounts and programs.

Some devices even had addresses, social security numbers, or scans of driver’s licenses!

Clearing person data is the user’s responsibility. If you want it done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. A quick internet search should be able to show you how to clear your specific device, or you can ask a tech-saavy friend.

For example, Click Here for Apple’s advice on how to wipe the memory of an iPhone, iPad, or iPhone before you give it away.

Click below to hear more from director of research at Rapid 7, Tom Beardsley.