Pennsylvania – Spring’s here and a lot of us are thinking about cleaning! FatWallet’s Brent Shelton says you’ll find big savings on something that can help you do that.

“This is one of the best times of year to buy vacuum cleaners or shop vacs and those types of items. Storage bins and organizers, those type of things. You should see discounts of 20 to 30 percent off, even up to 50 percent if it’s an older model.”

Shelton says also to look for sales on paint, power washers, and lawn and garden supplies.

Hold off on tech items… unless you want to pay full price.


Here are four tips to help you get motivated to clean, even when you don’t want to . . .

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1.  Break it down into smaller tasks.  The idea of cleaning your whole house can be daunting, so break it down into smaller steps.  Buy some cleaning supplies one day, clean the counters the next day, sweep the floors day after that, and so on.


2.  Set a 10-minute alarm.  With this, you’re basically making a deal with yourself:  even though you don’t LIKE cleaning, you’ll do it anyway for 10 minutes.  The idea is that once you’ve already made some progress, it’ll be less tempting to quit.  And even if you DO quit, at least you did something.


3.  Remember that you don’t have to “feel like cleaning.”  According to one psychologist, you don’t need to feel inspired to clean, even though that would be nice.  You just need to get it done.


4.  Hire someone to help.  If hiring someone else to help clean makes you feel like you’re lazy or it’s not worth the money . . . try it once and see.  For a lot of people it’s worth cutting back on other expenses so you can afford to pay someone to help.




Today is the first day of spring.  So a new study looked at America’s spring-cleaning habits.  And 37% of us plan to spend an entire DAY or more de-cluttering our home this spring.

Check out the full survey.

Here are six more stats . . .


  1. The most common place to start your spring cleaning is in the bedroom.  48% of people in the survey said that’s where they’ll start.


  1. 62% said they have at least one closet filled with stuff they’re not using.  And 41% said they have stuff taking up space in their garage.


  1. 34% said living with someone who’s tidy is very important to them.  And 32% would rather wait in line at the DMV than get into an argument about cleaning.


  1. One of the top things we’d like to accomplish is turning a room into a home office.  29% said it’s a goal, while 26% want to turn a cluttered space into a nice guest room.


  1. The top things we think we can SELL when we spring clean are old electronics and clothes or shoes.


  1.  70% of us feel a sense of accomplishment after we clean . . . 61% said they feel “de-stressed” . . . and 54% feel more relaxed in a clean space.