Clearfield, PA – If alcohol is going to be part of your weekend celebrations, make sure you have a plan for how you and your friends will get home safely.

PennDOT and Penn Highlands Clearfield recently teamed up to show people the dangers of driving while impaired.

At the event, Penn Highlands employees and patients were invited to enjoy a mocktail beverage recipe, operate the impaired driving simulator and complete activities while wearing impairment simulation goggles.

Additionally, PennDOT personnel distributed DUI information and promoted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s SaferRide smartphone application. The app gives users the option of choosing from a list of available taxi services, calling a preprogrammed contact or selecting a map of their current location.

According to preliminary PennDOT 2018 data, there were 33 alcohol-related crashes resulting in one fatality last St. Patrick’s Day. There were 39 alcohol-related crashes and no fatalities the previous year.

Show you’re proud to make sure that you and your friends aren’t driving impaired. Use the hashtag #celebratesafe to encourage others to make a safe plan for St. Patrick’s Day.

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