ABC/Ed Herrera(NEW YORK) — Station 19 is turning up the heat when it returns for its midseason premiere tonight on ABC.

The firefighter drama, a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, picks up right where we left off, revealing the fates of Andy Herrera, Captain Sullivan and their patient after their medic vehicle went over a cliff in a windstorm.

Andy, played by Jaina Lee Ortiz, is left to take charge of the situation – and if we've learned anything from a Shonda Rhimes show, it's that the women are capably in charge.

“Being part of Shondaland and having that female support from everyone, from women behind the camera, women in front of the camera, it's been a very refreshing atmosphere to be,” Ortiz tells ABC Radio.

“It only makes you want to support and show that love and encouragement and support that much more.”

She says she’s had women both young and old tell her the show has inspired them to become firefighters. Ortiz herself can’t help but be inspired by her own character.

“I hope that I can be more like Andy, pretty much,” she says. “I admire her strength and her determination and her hunger for success…I am really proud to play someone like her.”

Station 19 airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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