Treasure Lake, PA – Changes are coming to Treasure Lake, including some departures and some new hires.

Ed Clark will be the new general manager. Shirley Elmore previously held the position.

Omni Management Services, the company that Treasure Lake has contracted to oversee the management and accounting services, sent this letter to Treasure Lake property owners:


“March 1, 2019

Dear TLPOA Members,

In an effort to improve communications and public relations with TLPOA members, Omni Management Services is planning to create a dedicated blog website to provide timely and accurate information to interested parties. Our hope is to create a positive forum to announce, explain, and discuss the good things that are happening at Treasure Lake. The goal is to have a website that is known for reliable information and transparency from the folks actually involved in managing Treasure Lake, including our new General Manager, Ed Clark.

The planned website will not allow anonymity; real names will be required in order to post comments. We plan to invite questions and provide substantive answers to prevent accusations of secret agendas and rumors of mismanagement. There will always be a certain percentage of people who traffic in negativity, but our intent is to showcase the positive things happening at Treasure Lake while respectfully addressing constructive criticisms and legitimate concerns. We anticipate introduction of the new blog in the next few weeks. We also plan to review and consolidate the multiple Facebook pages maintained by TLPOA entities in order to better leverage their marketing value and engage the public in a positive and informative matter.

With the installment of the new Board and our new General Manager, Ed Clark, we are looking forward to a great year with many positive changes at Treasure Lake. We have a great leadership team in place comprised of talented and engaged individuals with the Community’s best interests in mind As always, we are excited to be a part of the continual improvement of Treasure Lake.

Kindest regards,

Tim Loehr”