DuBois, PA – A women’s boutique in DuBois has decided to close. Ms Cat’s Cache, on the corner of West Long Avenue and South Main Street, will be discounting their inventory and won’t be getting any new products into the store.

Owner Marsha Smith-Gasbarre opened the store 6 years ago, but she had worked at Catherine’s Cache for years before that, which had occupied the same spot.

She says anyone who owns a small business will recognize the struggles that small retailers face. Smith-Gasbarre is hoping that people take this opportunity to support other local businesses and community events.

If you have any gift cards for Ms Cat’s Cache, have any last purchases to make, or just want to say goodbye to the longtime local business, please stop by within the next couple of weeks.

The letter posted on Ms Cats Cache’s Facebook page:

“Dear Friends,

The only thing we can be certain of is change. Time for a change for me. I have made the decision to close the store.

Anybody want to buy a ladies’ boutique? I truly hate the idea of this corner shop not having anything in the windows.

All the inventory on hand will be discounted and there will be no further inventory coming into the store. The Kameleon company has been under a restructuring phase and I honestly do not know if they will come back into production or not. I have heard both that they are and that they are not. Nothing conclusive from the company. I will be discounting what I have on inventory as I get closer to a closing date. I will be posting info online. I also hope the marbles will continue to be available in the area.

I appreciate your patronage over these last six years and will remember you all in an especially fond way. I feel I have enjoyed a friendship with you for the last eleven years, while working with Cathy as well as when I invested in the store myself.

Many of you are involved in small business in our area and as such I’m sure you understand the challenges retailers face at this time. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to support local businesses and community/area events. I truly believe this area will thrive once again and support the larger population we once enjoyed. It is too beautiful an area not to.

Please come in to use any gift cards you may still have, make your last purchases, and/or at least say ‘see you around’ as I move on.

Contrary to what you may hear I am not joining the circus, although I did contemplate doing so,

Thank you once again, all of you. God Bless.



Find those Gift Cards, Get to Ms Cats!

Posted by MS Cats Cache on Wednesday, February 27, 2019