Brockway, PA – Schools around the nation are encouraging the youngest generation to become lifelong readers! Students at Brockway Elementary School had an assembly Friday to celebrate the end of their Read Across America Week.

Read Across America is an annual program to inspire reading. It is planned to fall around March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss. In Brockway, the elementary school had several themed dress-up days, like sports jersey day, pajama day, and beach day.

They also had several reading events and challenges. Students had reading goals to reach, and if they did so, they got an assembly at the end of the week.

Principal Candace Patricelli explains the week.

The assembly put Patricelli and Assistant Principal Brian Mulhollan in a race to see who could finish an obstacle course the quickest. The contestants had to do somersaults, crab walks, jump ropes, a puzzle, and digging through whipped cream pies to find bubble gum. The course ended in a tie.

The school also had several giveaways. The Parent/Teacher Committee gave away gifts while Sunny 106 provided four tickets to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Noah and Quinton Perrin won the tickets.

Brockway Read Across America 2019