ABC News(NEW YORK) — After seeing almost 2 feet of rain this week, California is bracing for another storm set to strike Friday night.
This system will then head across the U.S., delivering heavy rain and snow, leaving in its wake an Arctic blast.
Significant weather alerts have been issued Friday morning from California to Illinois.
The storm system taking aim at California will be over the Pacific Ocean until later Friday evening.
Some of the heaviest rain along the West coast will begin Friday night and continue into Saturday.
Denver is expecting heavy snow on Saturday, and by Sunday morning, Kansas City and St. Louis will be as well.
That heavy snow, ice and rain will reach the Northeast, from Washington to Boston, by Sunday night.
Some areas could see as much as a foot of snow in the coming days.
Trailing the storm system will be a major Arctic blast that targets the Midwest. Record low temperatures are possible. That freezing cold air should reach the Northeast by Monday night.

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