Evgen_Prozhyrko/iStock(NEW YORK) — Investigators hope newly-surfaced video showing the final seconds of Saturday's Boeing 767 cargo jet crashing into Trinity Bay in Anahuac, Texas, will bring clues as to what caused the famously-reliable jet to fall out of the sky while approaching Houston.
The video, from a security camera at a nearby school, is the first publicly-revealed video of the crash and showed the jet in an apparent high-speed nose dive towards the ground before disappearing. Investigators say the jet was at an altitude of about 6,000 feet before it suddenly crashed in a marsh.
Officials previously said they have another video from a nearby jail showing the final 5 seconds of flight, but that video has not been released.
The three people aboard a cargo jet contracted by Amazon are considered deceased and human remains found at the crash site have not yet been positively identified by the medical examiner, Chambers County Sheriff Ryan Hawthorne said during a press conference Sunday afternoon.
The Boeing 767 jetliner, which was flying from Miami to Houston, plunged into Trinity Bay near Anahuac Saturday just before 1 p.m., officials said.
The video is key to understanding the result of the accident, but the black boxes are the most critical pieces of the investigation, and once they are found, should paint a clear of a picture of every moment in the cockpit and the functions of the flight control systems. Those boxes are believed to be missing in the mud, struggling to get a signal into the air for investigators to track.
The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency in charge of investigating the first U.S. cargo jet crash since 2013, has organized a contractor to dredge through the marsh in order to find the boxes.

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