Centr(LOS ANGELES) — Thanks to the Avengers movies, Chris Hemsworth's fitness level is on display over the world, thanks to his role as Asgardian god Thor. However, aside from the occasional peek on a DVD supplemental feature, how he achieved his godlike physique — described in Infinity War as what would happen "if a pirate had a baby with an angel" — was a mystery.
Until now.
The actor has launched Centr, a customizable fitness program created by Hemsworth and his hand-picked team of experts, "including elite trainers, celebrity chefs, meditation teachers and well-being experts," according to its reps.
The app gives users access to workout and fitness regimens curated by Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky — no slouch in the fitness game herself, seeing as she's a model, fitness author and actress — as well as Chris' personal trainer Luke Zocchi. Other experts who have collaborated on the app are chef Dan Churchill, fitness trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson and vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington. There's even a music playlist to inspire your workouts and aid in meditation.
The program, which purports to "take the guesswork out of fitness," gives users 24/7 access to support and motivation, tailored to their fitness level.

"From the moment we're made, we're not finished," Hemsworth says in a promo video that shows him and Pataky working out, and getting their nutrition on. "We're all different, but with one inherent power in common: a choice to be a work in progress…to be a human doing rather than a human being."
"But know this," he invites: "You don't have to make yourself by yourself."
Accessible via iOS app, Apple Watch and online, Centr costs $19.99 a month, $49.99 for three months of access, or $119.99 for a full year.
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