Pennsylvania – Thinking about buying a home? You may want to get a move on things.

Bess Freedman, CEO of Brown Harris Stevens, a realty company in New York, says, “Rates are incredibly low, historically, take advantage of the market and find something you love. You’ll be very happy for it.”

“We are definitely in a buyer’s market… very price sensitive, perhaps the most price sensitive market we’ve seen.”

Freedman says this the main reason why: “There’s a little bit of an oversupply in some areas, and they can really pick up some good opportunities.”

Although there seems to be an oversupply in mostly metropolitan areas, it could also be the case for some suburban locations too.

However, buying a house or other real estate should never be something that you rush into. Take your time, use a good realtor, and explore your options. Know where you stand financially and what you budget is before you commit to anything.

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