WABC-TV(NEW YORK) — We all call our pups "the best dog in the whole world," but Sadie, a senior pit bull from Westchester County, New York, is going to give your doggo a run for their money.
Sadie is being hailed a hero after smelling a gas leak in her house, leading to the police being alerted to address the threat early.
On Feb. 6, when her "mom" was at work, Sadie apparently smelled the leak and knew something was wrong.
She desperately tried to escape, leaving bite marks by windows, along the trim of the front door and near the back door.
From the looks of it, Sadie was able to chew down and remove the wooden stopper from the sliding doors in the rear of the house and escaped into the backyard. From there, she hopped the fence and started roaming the neighborhood.
Police were called about a pit bull on the loose and Sadie led them on a chase that ended back at her house. The officers smelled the gas from the open slider door and were able to handle the situation before it got more dire.
"The dog saved the house from a potential gas explosion," Lieutenant Lawrence Rotta said.
"She saved our lives," owner Serena Costello said.
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