Pennsylvania – Remember filling out your taxes by hand and then mailing them in? Then many of us began doing our taxes on a computer… Now make way for taxes via your smartphone!

CPA Richard Lavina says everyone spends the majority of their time on their phones and tablets, so it was only natural to find a way to let technology do the work for you when you file.

Lavina helped create one of those tax filing apps, TaxFyle.

He says it even allows for more complex returns. All you have to do is send your documents to your smartphone, either by uploading them or taking a photo, and then you’ll be connected with a licensed CPA who will do the work for you.

Some people are still wary of whether the technology is safe. Lavina says it’s actually safer than sending things via email.

However, you might want to stick with filing with a local CPA in person if you have very complicated taxes, require several forms, or if you own your own business.