Pennsylvania – It’s a hard time of the year to be single.

Not just at Valentine’s Day, but also coming out of the holiday season of Christmas and New Year’s, both big times for people to pop the question and get engaged.

So what should you do if you’re single and feeling a little blue?

We asked relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman.

Dr. Berman says take the money that you would have spent on a date and treat yourself to a date just for you! Celebrate yourself by splurging on an item you’ve been wanting, a spa day, or even a budget-friendly treat like a walk in the park or a night watching your favorite movie.

Stick with friends who make you feel good and are positive lights in your life.

Another piece of her advice… get involved in something, find a new hobby or rekindle an old hobby, and focus on doing some good deeds. This could be something like volunteering to walk dogs at your local animal shelter, helping to serve meals to needy families, or just taking a cooking or painting class with a friend.

When you start going out into the world and doing things you love, you become a happier person… which is not only good for you, but also just naturally attractive to other people.

By starting a hobby or volunteering, you’ll likely also be hanging out with people who appreciate the same things and share your values. You might even make a surprising connection with someone!