Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township Police once again were called out to some unusual situations over the weekend.

On Saturday, police stumbled upon a couple having some alone time in a parked vehicle on David Reed Road. The 29-year-old woman and 20-year-old man were told to leave the area.

That same day, officers responded to a Treasure Lake home for a disturbance between a 61-year-old man and his 49-year-old roommate. The older man said his roommate came at him with a knife after they got into an argument about how long remodeling work was taking. However, neither of the men had any injuries and there wasn’t a knife in the area. The two men agreed to separate for the night.

Also in Treasure Lake over the weekend, someone damaged the Little Flipper Lake sign.

Sandy Township officers saw two boys who were walking along Route 255 near Treasure Lake. Although this obviously isn’t a crime, police were concerned for their safety. They picked them up near Snappy’s and drove them to their home on Salada Road.