DuBois, PA – It’s confirmed… a Planet Fitness gym is coming to the former Kmart building in DuBois.

Brian Gumberg from LG Realty Advisors, the Pittsburgh-based real estate company that built the Sandy Plaza in 1981, says the papers have been signed for Planet Fitness to start moving in later this year.

The gym will only take up part of the old Kmart building. Hobby Lobby Arts and Crafts Stores has reportedly been interested in moving into the other vacant side of the building.

Listen to Gumberg’s full interview.

Late last month, officials from Planet Fitness announced they were hoping to open in DuBois by late this summer. Generally, Planet Fitness costs $10 a month for a classic membership. Their PF Black Card costs $21.99 per month and includes a spa with hydro-massage beds, massage chairs, and tanning beds, plus other perks. There is also an annual membership fee of up to $40 for all members.

Although discussion is still underway between Hobby Lobby and the real estate company, nothing is set in stone for them yet. The company currently has more than 850 stores and is looking to open 65 new locations this year. In addition to selling a variety of arts and crafts supplies, Hobby Lobby is also known for being closed on Sundays to give employees time to spend with their families and for worship. They also generally pay their employees above minimum wage.

Learn more about the companies at the Planet Fitness website and the Hobby Lobby website.

Gumberg says that, although the real estate company built the Sandy Plaza with Kmart in mind nearly 40 years ago, things will continue to change and grow.