Falls Creek, PA – A Falls Creek man was scammed out of more than $4,000 recently. The unnamed 76-year-old man got a phone call last week from someone impersonating a worker from a company the victim had previously used.

He was told he had been charged too much for his services in the past and would be issued a refund.

The victim gave the caller the ability to remotely access his computer and logged into his bank account.

From there, the scammer said he had accidentally deposited $2,200 into the victim’s account instead of $200. He convinced the man two different times to send the “extra money” in cash to a P.O. Box in New York.

The man sent $4,100 before he realized no money had ever really been deposited into his own account.

Please remember to always double check who you are talking to when you get a phone call, especially from an unknown number.

Businesses will never ask you to send cash to them through the mail. This also includes gift cards such as iTunes and Google Play cards as a form of payment.

If you get a call that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have any suspicions, you can always call your local police station to get their advice.