ABC News(NEW YORK) — The couple that works out together, stays together.
Just ask Bree Branker and CJ Koegel, two fitness trainers and models whose love stays strong through the tough workouts they put in together.
Branker and Koegel met while rock climbing at an event for Wilhemina fitness models. The pair are now engaged and planning their wedding, where you can bet fitness will be involved.
Branker and Koegel created a workout for ABC News' Good Morning America specifically designed for couples to do together. It can be done at home or in a gym.

The couple demonstrated eight partner moves that can be done together in a circuit for a full-body workout or each on their own.
Repeat each move with the opposite partner before you go on to the next.
1. Plank pull
Equipment: Hand towel
Get into plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists and your core tight. Each partner uses their right hand to hold the towel as they stay in plank position.
Pull the towel towards yourself, creating resistance.
2. Leg push
Partner one lays down, and partner two stands with their feet above partner's one shoulders so that partner one can hold onto their ankles.
Partner one lifts their legs up and partner two pushes them back down. The goal is for partner one to not let their feet touch the ground.
3. Plank jump over
Partner one gets in a high plank position and lowers down into a pushup. While partner one is in lower push up position, partner two jumps over twice.
Then partner one pushes up into a high plank position. Repeat.
4. Plank and sit up
Partner one lays on their back, with their feet planted on the ground. Partner two gets in a high plank position, with their hands placed over their partner's feet.
Partner one comes up into a sit up. Personalize the move by adding a kiss at the top.
5. Towel row and curl
Equipment: Hand towel
Partner one stands holding a hand towel while partner two is on their knees, with their hands gripping the towel underhand.
Partner two pulls to row the towel downwards, activating their core and glutes. Partner one offers resistance, doing a bicep curl with the towel.
6. Wall squat and tricep dips
Partner one goes into a wall squat, with their legs bent at 90 degrees and their back against a wall. Partner two puts their hands on partner one's knees, fingers facing forward and does tricep dips.
7. Piggyback squat
Partner one braces their legs while partner two gets on their back, like a piggyback. Partner one performs squats, using the partner as a weight for added difficulty.
8. Shoulder taps
Partner one gets in high plank position while partner two stands behind partner one and holds their feet in the air.
While partner two is in a squat position holding their feet, partner one lifts one arm at a time to tap their shoulder. Focus on stabilizing the core and not rotating the hips.

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