Pennsylvania – Valentine’s Day is next week and a new survey confirms that love is not dead (sort of).

To get a pulse on what consumers are buying for their sweethearts and how they’ll spend Feb. 14, they surveyed 1,000 people across the nation to get a look at the top trends.

Pennsylvania’s Top Valentine’s Day Trends:

  • When it comes to the top treats of Valentine’s Day, Pennsylvania consumers love chocolate (35%) and cookies (5%).
  • 42% of Pennsylvania shoppers will be spending $1-50 this Valentine’s Day, while 51% plan to spend no money at all.
  • When it comes to where they are shopping, Amazon is the top retailer at 18%. Walmart (12%) and Target (10%) follow behind.
  • If Pennsylvania shoppers are wondering what to buy their sweetheart this year, chocolate/candy (28%), electronics (12%) and flowers (10%) are the top three gifts in PA.

See the full survey results (as well as nationwide stats) here: