AMC/Gene Page(LOS ANGELES) — When fans of The Walking Dead last heard about Lauren Cohan's farm girl-turned resistance leader character Maggie Rhee onscreen, they learned she'd abruptly left her leadership post at the Hilltop community and took off with her baby Herschel.

Cohan has since segued to ABC's new sexy spy show Whiskey Cavalier, but because Maggie didn't die — as so many characters had before her on the hit post-apocalyptic series — fans know the door could be open for Maggie to return.

For her part, Cohan seems to agree, telling ABC Radio, "We'll see what happens! Honestly, I went back to doing a few episodes of Walking Dead, knowing at that point…it was time to go try something new."

However, she allows, "There's still potentially Maggie stories to tell. But it all it is very up in the air."

That "up in the air" may likely be referring to potential dollar signs, as contract issues colored Cohan's decision to walk from Walking Dead before season 9 ended.

Incidentally, season 9 of The Walking Dead resumes on AMC Sunday night at 9 p.m.

Whiskey Cavalier, which also stars Scandal vet Scott Foley, debuts on November 27 on ABC.

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