Pennsylvania – If you’re filing taxes online, make sure you choose a strong password.

Think of all the information you share when you file taxes. Now think of how bad it would be if some criminal got that info.

That’s why it’s especially important to choose a hard-to-guess password for your tax account.

You should not use the same password for multiple accounts.

Tax accountant Janice Hayman recommends using a combination of at least 13 letters, numbers, and characters.

Tips for creating s strong password:

Don’t use a word you can find in the dictionary – If it’s a word that can be found in a dictionary, it’s more likely to be guessed by someone. If you want to use a real word, it’s better if you misspell it or use numbers or characters in place of (or in addition to) some of the letters.

Use letters, numbers, and characters – Don’t just use letters or numbers. Use a mix or letters, numbers, and characters. The longer, the better.

Don’t use identifying information – Hackers or someone you know personally might be able to guess your password if it contains things like your birthday, your name, your pet’s name, your significant other’s or child’s name, or even your favorite colors, numbers, or sports teams.

Make it easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess – One simple trick is to think of a sentence that you’ll remember, then use the first letter in each word to create the password. For example: “A stitch in time saves nine” might turn into “aS!Tim3S9” or something similar.

Don’t use common passwords – The most common passwords are things like password, qwerty, 123456, letmein, iloveyou, login, abc123, admin, or hello.

Make every password at least slightly different – If you’re afraid that you’ll forget your passwords, consider having a general theme for a password and then adding on something depending on what account you use the password for. For example, “aS!Tim3S9” might turn into “ntfLCKaS!Tim3S9” if you were using it for your Netflix account.

Don’t forget the security questions – Although security questions can help you recover your password if you forget it, it can also leave your account vulnerable to anyone who would also know those answers. Pick an answer to a question that nobody else would guess except for you… or make up an answer that’s memorable but not necessarily true.